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"Our goal is to combine honesty, quality and dependability with extreme accuracy. It is our privilege to serve you, not the other way around."


Reppert's Custom Gunsmithing Inc. is an individually owned full service Pennsylvania Gunsmith. We service a variety of individuals, both recreational hunters and professional gun handlers, such as those in the Police Department. We offer a wide variey of services and specialize in a number of areas, such as gun restoration and hand made parts. We also have the ability to handle the transfer of gun registrations. 

Every job is done with a single purpose in mind: To instill confidence every time the gun is used.


We pride ourselves in delivering what is promised at the time and cost it was promised. We perfom each job with the patience and skill the highest quality demands. Whether you are inquiring about our products and services, or just have a question about shooting or hunting, we are always glad to help. When we are working for you, you should feel welcome to inquire about our progress on your order at any time.